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Latest super app for companies
Is your system house
ready for the
aB usiness boost?

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Strengthen your IT company
with aBusiness Suite

At aBusiness Suite, we are committed to empowering system houses and IT professionals like you with a unique all-in-one solution tailored specifically to the needs of your industry. Developed by IT professionals for IT professionals, our platform is your ultimate partner to reach new heights of success. 🚀💼📈

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Transform your system house with aBusiness Suite

Unleash the potential of your system house with the groundbreaking aBusiness Suite - your ultimate toolkit to overcome digital hurdles.


Revolutionizing your IT ecosystem

Say goodbye to fragmented tools and hello to seamless integration. aBusiness Suite includes everything you need to manage the complexity of your digital system house world.

Are you ready to expand your customer base?

Use the collective knowledge of our vibrant community to decipher the strategies used by the most successful systems houses. Learn how to make money online effortlessly.


From zero to 20 million
thanks to aBusiness Suite:

Forge the engine of your system house

Automate personalized messages across channels that are tailored to leads and improve engagement. aBusiness Suite's ecosystem empowers nurturing like never before.


Develop leads into loyal customers

Automate personalized messages across channels that are tailored to leads and improve engagement. aBusiness Suite's ecosystem empowers nurturing like never before.

Artificial intelligence for successful conversations

Use artificial intelligence to nurture conversations and manage appointments automatically. Experience the future of customer interaction today.

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Image Urs.jpeg

An all-in-one business automation tool like aBusiness Suite comes at a price? Yes.

But even if you save on one tool, it is cheaper - thanks to aBusiness, I do without MailChimp and am already saving a fifty a month and have all the other functions that aBusiness offers for free.

Or, thanks to aBusiness, I can forego the LinkedIN Sales Navigator and save a hundred bucks every month.

To name just two examples…

...and the additional revenue I make at Langmeier Backup thanks to aBusiness , without hiring additional personnel resources and without spending expensive money on advertising, quickly recoups my costs for aBusiness several times over.


Urs Langmeier, founder and managing director

by Langmeier Software

Strengthen your system house
with knowledge

Learn from the best in the industry as you navigate our vibrant community of digital virtuosos and take your agency to new heights.

Raise your system house with a technological evolution

Join the league of visionary system house professionals who have embraced aBusiness Suite. Revolutionize your workflow, manage pipelines effortlessly and improve your revenue streams.

Dive into analytics
and reports

Stay informed about your leads, sales and profits with a comprehensive dashboard. Everything you need to make data-driven decisions is right in front of you.

Your branded
Technology Oasis

With white label features, you can present your customers with a personalized app that reflects your brand identity. Offer new dimensions of service and generate additional revenue.



I already had a few solutions, including Bexio. None were even remotely as simple and clever as aBusiness .

The kitchen industry solutions I know of are also incredibly slow and inflexible. In addition, some of them are completely overpriced.

At aB, I optimize something almost every day so that it becomes more and more efficient and better.

Even my older colleague is now raving about how she's starting to enjoy it. And that must mean something. She was already having trouble with Gmail and Google Notes 😉


Denis Glisic, Managing Director of

Users save over 15,000 francs annually . Calculate your personal savings with aBusiness Suite .

Watch demo:

Swiss cloud software

Your business data deserves the utmost protection .

Data center in Switzerland. Highest security level , updates and backup copies included.

GDPR data protection .

We are there

Premium support or 24-hour support with SLA?

It's up to you!

Your company only pays for what it needs.

Expand your income horizons


Make aBusiness Suite a profitable venture by offering the app as a service.

Reap the benefits of unlimited potential and increase the value of your brand.

DisruptTech AWARDS 2023


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Identify deals more easily
and closing

Make it easier to identify and close deals with aBusiness Suite. Identify promising opportunities early and take targeted measures to convert them.

Collaboration revolutionized

Invite your employees to aBusiness and aBusiness will make collaboration with freelancers and employees easy. From shared file storage to secure password collection, everything you need for collaboration in the system house is included.

Degrees with
Make finesse

Our integrated tools allow you to close deals effortlessly. From collecting payments to scheduling appointments, every element is aligned for a seamless sales process.

Quickly and everywhere
sought info

Whether on the plane, before a meeting or during a commercial break: Do you want to come up with an idea for an advertising campaign, get an overview of a project status or resend the last invoice to a customer? With aBusiness, your business is exactly where you are.

Test aBusiness Suite free of charge and without obligation.

Still questions?

Send us an email to:

or call us:
043 500 06 00

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aBusiness compared to Bexio


- Invoice program
- Cloud storage
- Project management software
- Applicant management software
- CRM software
- Human resources management

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