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Gesucht: Data Scientist / Engineer Big Data


Data Scientist / Engineer

“Betty” is aBusiness CRM’s virtual employee, who is designed to make our users’ business and private lives easier in the future and eliminate time-wasters in the company.

To expand our CRM software to include an interest and priority-based timeline and to strengthen our virtual employee “Betty”, we are looking for a:

  • Senior Machine Learning and Data Analytics Engineer

or one):

  • Data Scientist / Data Engineer

This person should ideally have four years of experience in big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics and statistics as well as basic knowledge of web development (Web 4.0).


Please contact Urs Langmeier

043 500 06 06, or by email to or apply online .

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aBusiness Suite

«Good digital transformation requires not only the latest generation of software, but also a good team that cares about the needs of users.»

Urs Langmeier

Founder Langmeier Software

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