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The office is easier to do.

Own business: From 0 to 20 million

Watch the video to find out how Thomas Schwegler scaled his business from 0 to 20 million!

Do the same as Thomas Schwegler.
Grab a cup of coffee and start your “ aBusiness” now!

«The best future companies are preparing
already available digitally today.»

Urs Langmeier, founder of aBusiness


Inbox under control

Mails and letters sorted and perfectly


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Faster to
more contact points

aBusiness regularly presents you with ideas for possible contacts. Whether you are advertising your products in a series of emails to certain selected target groups, or simply want to congratulate someone on their cup win - thanks to aBusiness you will get loyal fans instead of just customers.

Communicate with freelancers

Do you often work with freelancers and pursue joint projects with them? Simply invite your employees to aBusiness and aBusiness will make it easy for you to work with freelancers and employees in the future.

Quick serial emails
for every situation

Are you looking for a painter for your new office space? Simply choose five painters in your area. And ask all five for a quote in a series of emails. Your email will look as if you had written it by hand to each of them individually. It's easier that way!

Quickly and everywhere
sought info

Whether you're at the train station, before a meeting, or on the sofa in the evening: you want to quickly throw out an idea for an advertising campaign, get an overview of a project status, or resend the last invoice to a customer: do everything where you are!

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I already had a few solutions, including Bexio. None were even remotely as simple and clever as aBusiness.

The kitchen industry solutions I know of are also incredibly slow and inflexible. In addition, some of them are completely overpriced.

At aB, I optimize something almost every day so that it becomes more and more efficient and better.

Even my older colleague is now raving about how she's starting to enjoy it. And that must mean something. She was already having trouble with Gmail and Google Notes 😉


Denis Glisic, Managing Director of

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Can a small company be as well organized as a large one?

Yes, because thanks to the cloud solution "aBusiness Suite", small companies can ensure a completely clean business organization. The users of "aBusiness" are among the leading companies in the world.

Do the same as the most successful companies and organize yourself with a digital cloud solution, create order in the data jungle and experience a new level of organization without ever having to fall into digital stress again and without having to dig deep into your wallet.

With aBusiness Suite it's easier!

Find out how aBusiness works here

In excellent partnership

aBusiness benefits from its close partnerships with excellent companies.


Test aBusiness Suite now free of charge and without obligation.

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Send us an email to:

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