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How aBusiness partners benefit

Do you want to play a leading role in digitalization and would you like to spend the night in the airy aBusiness penthouse? Then sign up now for the aBusiness partner program.
Your advantages:
  • Great margins and sales commissions

  • Increase sales thanks to free sales leads

  • Unique growth opportunities in the growth market with business software

  • Participation in end-user hotline possible

Partner offers

These offers come from aBusiness CRM partners and are available exclusively to aBusiness users. Contact the partner or your aBusinss CRM account manager to benefit from an offer.

A sales funnel from a professional

A sales funnel is important for all those who often ask themselves one of the following questions:

  • "I'm wondering how I can get new customers on the Internet. There are so many strategies and I don't know which strategy to use."

  • «Where do I find the time for Facebook, blogging, online marketing, …?»

Most people who ask themselves these questions need a well-designed sales funnel. A sales funnel is about potential sales contacts going through a communication process that builds on one another in a logical sequence. At the end of this funnel, paying customers fall out as if from a funnel. Thanks to a sales funnel, potential customers are supported in their purchasing process from the very beginning and are transformed into long-term paying customers and retained as customers. designs suitable, product and service-specific sales funnels for aBusiness CRM users.

Only aBusiness CRM users receive potential lead contacts worth 500 CHF for free from

«Digitally transform your company

and get quality time»

aBusiness gives its users time that can be used for extremely positive things: for example, for the family, or for sales, investments and training.

Are you an IT integrator and want to offer your customers exactly that?

Because this so-called "quality time" is so valuable and we want to increase sales, we give new system integrators a two-week retreat for their first company digitally transformed with aBusiness. We will agree the goal, location and time with you during the discussion.

Do you want more sales, more orders, more leads, more time?

Then sign up now!


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